How to add author box in WordPress post

wordpress author boxBe recognized by the web is a very important element for those who want out from the crowd and it is even more for those who manage a blog or website.
Thus was born the need (if not born, born leak now) to create a sort of brand / quality indicator to associate with the result of the hard work you do to create the post. What to do? Simple, just associate the author box (including image and name-surname) of each post that has been published.
This creates the concept of quality and trust that the user (you) has in the author (me), all in a free and immediate. If you think about it, it happens every day when you read the newspaper, just read a well-known name, you already know the contours of the quality of the article you're going to read and give some importance to the content itself.
This is very important especially for those who want to make a (good) reputation online and implement it just install one of the thousands of WordPress plugin that offers: WP Biographia.
Installing and activating the plugin, you insert a box that contains information such as the author's name and surname, the image (avatar associated with mail that the author uses the WordPress blog), a brief biography and links to mail, to all the posts that the author wrote in the blog and all the various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Twitter.
The box is customizable in color, edges, in the social link to show (you can view them as images or text) in position (before or after the post). You can decide whether to show it in the post or even pages, only to administrators or to subscribers, in short, has a good range of customizations easier to implement than many other similar plugins.
All links, the mail, the name and biography must be set to the page of your user profile, to do this just go to admin panel> Users> Your Profile and fill in the required fields, stuff that you safely in two minutes.
The icing on the cake is the knowledge of css code that will allow you to also change the arrangement of objects, such as moving the link next to the author's name ... but here it takes a little 'study
For example, to get the results you see in the image at the beginning of the post, I put this code in style.css of my theme:
.wp-biographia-item-icon {width:30px !important; height:30px !important;}
.wp-biographia-list-icon {margin:0px !important}
.wp-biographia-links {margin-top:-150px;float:right;}
.wp-biographia-container-none {padding-bottom:0 !important;  
border: #0066CC solid !important; border-width:1px 0 !important;}


And now, do not waste any time, do a little 'branding and due importance to the post in your blog, add author box in posts in your WordPress blog!


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