How to create a forum: 9 web applications

web forum applicationsAlthough the online conversation as a whole, it is now increasingly focused on social networks, it can be useful in some cases have an interior space to be associated with your site, and where to send users who want to discuss specific topics.
Along with some more professional services and complex to be installed on servers that have certain characteristics, who is looking for simple solutions and instant activation may be seeing the sites come up with some idea that we propose below.


ProBoards is a heavily used and reliable, allowing you to go online with your forum quickly. After deciding on a name, then that will also be the address where you get in shape, it immediately online with its own page.
The forums have a typical structure organized on three levels. We are the Board, whose purpose is to divide thematically Categories, and the latter grouping Discussions about the same topic. Board and categories you change from the admin menu.
proboards forum
From here you can also go through a series of other changes, including the look and feel of the forum. In this case the process is a bit 'tricky, because you have to create a new skin by inserting a series of parameters by hand, then save it and decide to use it with another menu.
The service is free, but the paid versions to remove ads, otherwise visible on every page.


ZetaBoards is another reliable solution to start quickly with its own forum. In this case, the address is a bit 'more difficult to remember, because it will from time to time under a different server, identified by "w" and a number before the address. What, however, is not serious, however, because most of the traffic is supposed to come from a link properly inserted into your site.
zetaboards forum
Here you can also find a directory to browse the forum created by the other. They are divided into a number of topics for easy identification. The service is free of charge but also in this case on each page is displayed by the advertising.


In the case of a service Nabble have a little 'different from the traditional view of the forum to which we are accustomed. The setting is minimal, the discussions are not framed in the classic tables but are based on more lines, with the user's profile on the left and the right information to interact.
The site then provides also different functions, such as mailing lists, photo galleries, newspapers and blogs. Looking at the forum, here the address of which will be hosted is not really digestible, because it brings together the chosen name with other parameters. Administrative commands, however, are quite friendly.


nabble forum


There are also options to change the visual structure of the pages, but it is interesting the possibility to create sub-forum for frame and better organize the discussion topics.



Lefora is proposed as a service from the most vivid graphics. There is also an attempt to bring some commands in Italian, but not completely successful. It should be emphasized, however, that once created the forum, its address will take the form
The service offers immediately, during registration, the ability to decide what should be the shape of your forum: You can opt for the Classic theme (also known as "bulletin board") and one called Modern, which includes discussions on a a more compact manner and has more static information in the right part of the page.
lefora forum
To underline the ability to create customizable badge to be included on its website, with the link to your forum.


This is in the case of ForumFree a large community forum on the most various topics. It's domain extension does not deceive, is a service offered in Italian. Advantage not just because all the controls are so in our language, and for those who administers the forum for those who use it.
With regard to the creation of a forum, we proceed with a quick registration and then you choose name and domain, in the form It should be noted that in addition to a forum, you can open a blog ( or use a service to upload images.





Forums can be divided into sections, and very rich are the options of changing the graph. Then nothing prevents you from creating your own forum and keep little publicized, or even protected, but an aspiration may be to make their way in the community, to find new users.

Free Forums

FreeForums is a reliable, clear graphical and simple. You log in deciding on a name for your forum (which will be visible as and its profile as an administrator.
Note that there are two control panels, one of the moderator and one of general administration. At this second is accessed from a link at the bottom of the page in your forum and if you have the credentials to be an administrator.
From here you can choose from such a large number of graphic aspects, and manage all the privileges related to the various categories of users. The service also has a paid version, with the elimination of advertising and also the possibility of transferring the forum on your own domain.



Aimoo is also a very popular service and historical part of the forum. Registration is fast and allows you to start with a space that will have as its address
Immediately after, one can choose a graphic theme among the many available. Each page also has a chat and a space for photos. In this case you can opt for a classic view or one that puts more emphasis on the latest news.


aimoo forum



Your forum can then be inserted in a topic, and be tracked by other members of the community.

Big Tent

Big Tent is a service slightly different from the others, and is part of a border between being a forum and a website to manage tasks and events with a known group of people.
Once registered, you have the possibility to organize a series of general information on a page that will contain a calendar, news, events and activities of the new members, and of course the forum.
big tent forum
The latter does not have the classic view, but a very similar, with discussions organized on two levels, very advanced search options and information on the forum under the appropriate label on the top menu.

Vanilla Forums

Close signaling a paid professional Vanilla Forums. Allows, as a characteristic peak, to study solutions to migrate their own communities on their servers, in case their are bursting.
It also comes to solutions for more than $ 500 per month, while the cheapest part of 50. In all there are very advanced functions and there is no limit to the users, except, however, a limit on the monthly page views.
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