How to understand which theme and plugins uses a Wordpress website

how to understand Wordpress theme and pluginsObserving a Wordpress site, I have always wondered: How can I to understand the theme or plugin used to achieve a given functionality? While at first I watched the source code to take references and information, now there is a way easier and faster.

If you would like to see that theme is using a Wordpress site or its plugins then you will find this resource very useful: What Wordpress Theme is That.It is a very simple tool:

what Wordpress theme is That

In a few second, we will see the results with all the details useful to understand what theme or plugins are used. In fact, the tool will display the name, description and version of the theme and plugins.

Occasionally, however, the Webmaster of the site we are watching has changed the template and in this case, the tool is not able to extract the data. However is always useful to know the active plugins.


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