Amazon introduces Coins, a virtual currency


amazon coinAmazon has presented a few days ago Coins, a new virtual currency that will be spent in the application store of the Kindle Fire from April 25, initially only in the U.S..
On the Kindle Fire, then, along with the ability to pay for the applications that you want to buy, you will add the option to pay in Coins. The exchange rate will be one U.S. cent per Coin, making the change very easy to maintain.
The situation for developers remain completely unchanged: will receive the same percentage is already reserved for them on the sales of their app, a percentage that is among the highest in the Android world. must be highlighted that Coins only work for distributed applications on the Kindle Fire, and not for those only available for Android. You will not need any adjustment to the software to add new payment method.
amazon coinsAs for customers, Amazon initially distribute Coins for a total value of tens of millions of dollars, allowing you to purchase additional ones. It is not clear what advantage ports Coins purchase online than the direct purchase by credit card, an advantage that will probably be present not to frustrate the addition of a step in the procedure, and to actually bring the new system a success trade, given the failures of similar operations by other marketplace, even if outside the world of apps for smartphones.
The Coins will be spent both for the direct purchase of applications, for the purchase of services within applications (subscriptions, levels of video games, additional content ...).
Wait for more details, especially about the possible benefits for customers.


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