Anonymous condemn and leave WikiLeaks

anonymousThere was a time in which the site of counter-information WikiLeaks had as its best ally the hacktivist group Anonymous, and now a recent message written by the spokesman of the latter - "Have you lost your last allies. You must die I hope in a fire "- suggests that the time is finally concluded.
Reason for dispute would be the new strategy for the self-financing of the creature Julian Assange, users would in fact be allowed access to the documents provided only after the payment of a donation, the formula "premium" approach would enrage the crew symbolized by the mask Guy Fawkes.
The effects of the decision to raise funds in this way would produce in conjunction with one of the boldest moves in the history of WikiLeaks, the publication of numerous messages (Global Intelligence Files) exchanged between Team Obama and Romney during the course of the challenge election.
The owners of the platform would have decided not to rely on the good heart of the Internet, how to provide it a minimum donation of $ 15 and a maximum of 100, according WikiLeaks, this should not be in conflict with the philosophy based on the maximum freedom 'information that has always characterized the project.


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