Anonymous, this time hitting the State Police

The hacktivist group most famous against the most sensitive Italian goal. The hole suffered by the server of the State Police at the hands of Anonymous last night marks a quantum leap in the company's shares, which - perhaps because they have abandoned WikiLeaks - seem to be devoting more and more data leaks and dedicate to public shares.
Documents, such as internal memos, identikit, but also photos, records (often uninteresting), but above assessment proceedings of people "targeted", such as those of the NO TAV movement (including activist Luke Abba, involved in a bad accident in which he risked his life). 1.35 In the Giga file is a bit 'of everything, including the list most delicate of all, one that certainly the officials of the Ministry of Interior will stand sifting frantically and with some apprehension: the list of police infiltrators and undercover.
The attack on the website of the Italian police has been defined too easy too:
The security level of your system, contrary to what we thought was really poor, and we take the opportunity to take our revenge.
As always, the style is still hacktivist aggression toward a policy goal, both the traditional mentality cracker underscore the weaknesses of a system, in a never-ending challenge between cops and robbers. Only this time it is not a harmless game: one of the files, they found even the movements of the President Khoo Boon Hui Interpol, invited to Italy, from institutional and private.
What is the reason for this action? According to the authors, to demonstrate the basic dishonesty of certain police operations (NO TAV by the recent clashes with students, there are criticisms of the relationship between protesters and police response). However, it is also true that it seems like a great idea to give a general audience the list of undercover agents, because these people really risk their lives for the community. Massimo Melica, among the first to report the incident on his blog, addresses the group:
At this time there are only police officers concerned about the spread of their data as they engaged in undercover investigation, but families and children, your peers, terrified for retaliation. If you plead the protagonists of a new world order, but well this is based on rights and duties balanced and governed on a democratic basis.


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