Apple News: Iphone 5s will arrive in June

news apple iphone 5sNews arrived on the iPhone 5S, smartphones that should be the successor to the iPhone 5.
According to what the analyst reveals Peter Misek, Apple would be convinced to launch the device in the month of June, precisely at WWDC. The production - according to Misek - will start from the month of March.
This would be one of the explanations as to why Apple has decided to reduce its supply of iPhone 5. The imminent arrival of the new device in fact, has made lower sales and, consequently, by Cupertino have decided to reduce production from 40 million to 30 million units.
The iPhone 5S will not be a real smartphone revolution, we have to wait the release of the iPhone 6 to see something truly new. The news will cover the battery, NFC, the Super HD camera (13 megapixel) and storage, which should be 128GB as the latest iPad.
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