Apple mocks Nexus 7 during the presentation of iPad Mini!

apple again nexusApple more than enhance your terminal, prefers to compare it to the opponent, trying to put him in a bad light.

It 's really how it's done? And is it really true?


After the event Apple held this evening, we should consider iPad Mini, the real protagonist of the keynote. The Cupertino company has compared his new terminal Asus Google Nexus 7, and often pointed out as the new tablet from 7.85 "apple is higher. But is it really so?
Presenting a terminal and claim it as pure innovation, even when it is not. I was there used to. Praise as a major strength thickness and materials, pretending that the rest do not need. I was there used to. Negative to a product launch digs acclaimed and affirm also that your terminal is far superior. This no ... do not accept it! Especially from a company whose motto is (or was ...) "Think Different."
Once appeared onstage iPad Mini, rather than enhance their product for what it really is and what it can offer, Apple has decided to initiate a fight worthy of the most ardent fanboy:
"Ladies and gentlemen, the right corner of the ring plasticky, heavy, obsolete tablet 7" Google Nexus Asus 7. Left hand corner, the tablet from 7.9 super cool "that everyone expected, the revolutionary Apple iPad Mini."
Now, I do not mean to create a debate that could in any way support this useless war between terminals so I stew. I just want to take stock of the situation. The thing that I'm criticizing heavily is the way Apple has directly attacked his rival, concerned primarily to misrepresent the opponent rather than enhance their product, as if the Cupertino company had a tremendous fear of the object hi tech that has had too many positive opinions, Asus Google Nexus 7.
Closed, not quite, the brackets on the presentation of Apple, a question arises: iPad Mini is really more than Asus Google Nexus 7 as Apple says, or this is just the umpteenth taken for a ride? We analyze the situation a bit.
As explained in the keynote, iPad Mini is about 40g lighter than the Nexus 7 and thinner than 2.5 mm, it has a larger display of 0.9 inches and essentially consists of much better materials, ie glass and aluminum. Apple also claims that the tablet app on iOS are optimized for this kind of device, which is really good. These, according to the Cupertino company are the factors that allow iPad Mini outperforms Nexus 7.
But if the new tablet of the apple is so superior, if you are not afraid to compare directly, because there was no talk of another? Just this really to define a superior product compared to another?
Why do not we talked about CPU? The quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3, equipped with a 12-core GPU was not at all put into challenge with the now old Apple A5 processor, much lower.
Why do not we talked about RAM? 1GB on our Nexus 7, unknown on iPad Mini (buttiamola down ... maybe 512?).
Why did not you say that the resolution is higher on the Android tablet? 1280x800p to 1024x768p Nexus 7 vs. iPad Mini (no Retina Display for iPad small). Furthermore, the display of the tablet from Google would be certainly more defined also because it has more PPI (pixels per inch).
Why has not made a comparison between quality / price ratio? $ 249 for the 32GB version of Nexus 7 against the $ 329 iPad Mini 16GB materials certainly better, but specific hardware to guess lower. Hard to find the best hardware on the market at the price of Android tablet in question.
In conclusion, I venture to say that Apple is strong in the field of tablet, mainly in the area with large display. The acclamation of Google Nexus 7 Asus shook the bitten apple, which certainly has felt seriously threatened by a changing market and that is moving more and more towards low-cost solutions. iPad Mini, in my opinion, has affected very little.
But the one that really struck me was the audacity with which Apple unveiled the terminal. It struck me very much. Negative.


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