Decline in the market for PC

Needless illusions, an era is now drawing to a conclusion would be: a drop in global sales of PCs around 1, 2% may appear content (especially in times of economic crisis) but the high tech and the minus sign should not be totally agree. When sales of a hi-tech stop growing, in fact, it often means that this has had its day and the market is changing course.
A witness to this trend would be a recent survey conducted by ISH iSuppli according to which the decline would be the first since 2001, not that they were not registered slowdowns before, but the decrease is the symptom of a phase transition from the PC to the mobile device.
In 2011, thanks to a growth of 2.2%, the fund Pc had shown a resilience perhaps unexpected, but the current economic situation seems to have shown a new trend in consumers confronted with the obligation to choose from, users would prefer to spend less cash available for mobile devices.
Overall, during the past year were sold almost 353 million PCs against a forecast of 348 million for 2012; Ultrabook and Windows 8 could represent an opportunity for a (almost certainly temporary) reversal of the trend, but the future is almost certainly in the smartphone and tablet.



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