Facebook: This chat will self-destruct

facebook and self destruction messageThe social network is working on an application that lets you manage the lifetime of chat messages and images. Right to oblivion or Sexting?


Chat messages, images, whole parts of our conversations and our lives are forever stored on the servers of Facebook and tend to disappear - rather quickly - from the Net, but never enough when it comes to avoiding blunders or even dangerous manipulation. So in Menlo Park are working on a system taken verbatim from an application for smartphones, Snapchat, adapting it to the site. Stated goal, right to oblivion. Interpretation hidden: incentive to sexting.

To send messages, chat, and use images or video with the security of being protected from eavesdropping is certainly a very interesting perspective on a social network that is inevitably protagonist, for better or for worse, of many distortions. The transfer of many sensitive information on a site made to build relationships has given rise to forms of cyberbullying, in constant contact with the police forces of the world in search of clues about alleged perpetrators.

Facebook is always at the center of such daily events that have moved of much the bar of what is privacy. Hence the egg of Columbus: If the problem is the persistence of our tracks, why not do so after a certain period of time vanish into thin air?


The indiscretion is going through the blogosphere unleashing a lot of interest,even if no official status. Especially for this concept so ambiguous: chat single-use It really is an improvement of privacy? Formally, yes, but it's hard to believe that an application that looks to the one most appreciated by teenagers for sending messages and provocative video (five million photos uploaded per day) does not result in scale the same phenomenon, and on a site for a billion of users where the uploaded images are 60 times more.

It is also true, however, that the web teaches that "we should not fix something that works," so coexistence with an app. of success (Quora, for example, has been to look at while Facebook Questions sank), which has always guaranteed the deletion of messages and images from the recipient's phone has a higher appeal than Big F, whose reputation on the clarity of the rules Privacy has always been an Achilles' heel. However, Facebook compensate for this handicap leaving this new application such as Camera or Messenger: autonomous, separated compared to the primary site,even if buit-in.

The tool of self-destruction on Facebook work? Difficult to predict. For an adult user seems to be unattractive, whilefor  a young member may lead to confusion. But there is a scenario that explains everything: Facebook has set his sights on WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg is focusing on all the tables of mobility (as it is doing with advertising), because it has a lot of money and he knows that in this way, statistically sooner or later will collect a win that will justify all other losses.


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