Facebook posts to payment for 1 Dollar

facebookThe social network biggest of the network had decided to increase its ability to monetize through a service that should allow you to post messages to payment, such an initiative would come from a finding as to the flow of communications.


In practice, the spokesman of the group have stated that the introduction of a cost for messages (the price should be roughly equal to $ 1) will discourage users from using Facebook as a vehicle for spam sending unwanted content.

The messaging paid service should go so to become associated those already available for the highlight of the contents, after the outcome not exactly successful of tender offers for its shares, Menlo Park any need for put in place new strategies for capitalization.


It must be said that the formula to payment for posts should be applied only for communications to the so-called "non-friends", ie unknown users to your contacts;  for the "friends" should continue to be available the usual free channel.
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