Facebook spear Social Jobs to challenge LinkedIn

At least for now LinkedIn is the world leader in professional social networking, but Mark Zuckerberg and company have decided to challenge the service on its own field through a new App called Social Jobs that works thanks to a partnership with Monster to BranchOut.
Available only from a few hours, this application already offers 1.7 million job advertisements, most of them concern the United States, but if the project dedicated to recruitment were to succeed his range may soon spread.
The project has allowed the realization of the App would be born from a collaboration dating since last year with the Department of Employment of the United States, the same initiative would be part of other non-profit organizations with a social purpose.
To date Linkedln would count nearly 190 million members, far fewer than those of Facebook (over 1 billion) but achieved by focusing on a specific area of ​​widespread interest, especially in these times when the specter of unemployment scares everyone, even the pros better prepared.


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