Facebook transforms Poke in an application

facebook pokePerhaps because of the meaning is not very clear his name (more or less: "touch someone with your finger to get his attention"), Poke is one of the least used features from those available on the Facebook...


It was conceived more or less to get in contact with a user "no friend" to signal its presence in to the latter of the Site in Blue; provided in the platform from virtually its inception, this feature would have been always underutilized.

Perhaps to encourage the adoption, Facebook has decided to release Poke-based application, it is available as a solution for the time being installed on the mobile operating system iOS of the House of Cupertino (version 5.1 or higher).

The messages sent by the application, however, will result more extensive than those that can be sent through the Web site, senders will be able to enrich them with multimedia content such as videos; in addition, the Poke will "self-destruct" after a period of time default user.


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