Galaxy S III: the problem of sudden death is software, Samsung will solve

samsung galaxy deathAfter many reports and comments skeptics by many users, we finally have a definite answer to a problem with the Galaxy S III has done much debate in recent days. In fact, the super smartphone Samsung, apparently would suffer a problem that would send out of use the motherboard, causing the sudden death of the device. This, of course, would make impossible to use the smartphone which would not be able to boot not even in office.


In this respect, just just now, the spokeswoman of Samsung Anne Ter Braak has presented some interesting information regarding the incident, saying that the problem exists and that Samsung will fix it with a software update. So, this is a bug that would send out of use the motherboard of the Galaxy S III, fortunately only those of the 16 GB version.

samsung galaxy s3


Yet fortunately for Samsung, it is a problem that has affected a few users compared to the vast amount of people who bought the smartphone, so Samsung may be relatively quiet on the "success" of its device that will be between 4-5 months replaced by the Galaxy S 4.
Therefore, controversy over. The problem exists and has been identified. Will be solved in a short time from Samsung that it will release an update.
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