Google+ reaches 400 million registered users, 100 million active

When born Google Buzz and Google Wave, I tried intrigued them for a bit 'but after some time I gave these experiments of Google because, in my opinion, would not have been successful. I am not certainly a visionary but, years later, time has proved me right as well as giving me reason Google+ that continues to grow continuously.


There are many people who will never forget the first approach on Google, when it was still in beta and that maybe they have discovered thanks to some invitations that I have disclosed here on my portal , It's been a year since Google released publicly their social networks and there were times when many people thought it was a dead platform.

As often happens when something new is born, there are ups and downs stages where the user finds it hard to give full trust to the new idea, but if something is true, surely emerge over time. And it is the case of Google, which has just reached 400 million registered users and currently has 100 million active users and counting active users via website that those using the mobile application. As Gundotra observes, "it was only a year ago that we opened to the public Google+ and we never imagined that so many people would have joined in just 12 months. I have every right to be excited, 400 million is a huge number. "

Google had promised, remember? The Mountain View giant said that by the end of 2012 would touch the 400 million members and succeeded, despite many skeptics believed the opposite. How much further to get to Facebook? Let's say that perhaps the goal of Google is not even that, but to create a community of people really interested in exchanging interests: I attend Google+ the beginning of his birth in private beta and I chat and share opinions more with these "virtual friends" that with those of Facebook.

On Google+ find interesting topics, always updated, fresh news and announcements including large team or developers. Let's say that, at least for me, Google+ is a Twitter more complete and with the possibility to chat. That said, if we want to compare Google+ numbers with Facebook must remember that the creature Mark Zuckerberg is to share almost 950 million registered users, but the statistics are in favor of Google for a very simple reason: Faceboook took four years for accumulate 100 million active users while Google has done all this in just one year.
If you are fans of Google+ you can start bragging!
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