Google under antitrust investigation

google antitrust investigationFor Google may soon open a major problem for the impact their activities. As in past years had been faced with the Microsoft antitrust grip (especially in Europe), now also Google may in fact open the same perspective. The front could be opened in the United States, but the risk is that even after the European Commission can take the same initiative.
Investigations are under way for months now, but later this year could reach a first conclusion: by Reuters has learned, in fact, most of the commissioners of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission have agreed to proceed against the Mountain View giant, ravvedendo therefore erratic behavior by the search engine. The charge is known as the accusers: I would take advantage of their monopoly of the search engines to extend to other properties the success gained in the search.
The charge is specific: acting on its own parameters, the algorithms Google would have been forged over time in order to penalize sites in competition, thus favoring pages that link to its own services in Mountain View. Given the power in the research and the fundamental role played by the engine in the users, any change of the algorithms have heavily influenced the flow of traffic leads to a heavy penalty of competing sites.
The FTC should therefore reached their first informal conclusion: Google is found guilty. Not all commissioners will be convinced, but the majority have already agreed to indicate the guilt of the motor recommending it to take action against the company. The parties could therefore now open negotiations: Google has always denied any wrongdoing and solutions designed to achieve a balance of the weight of the links in the SERPs would not have so far made inroads.
The FTC will act in an official capacity, in all probability, during the months of November or December. At that point you will get a next part, but completely different: once the commission has taken its position Google will have to find a solution not only to avoid harsh sanctions, but also to keep intact its business model and its power in market in which it dominates. The European chapter, meanwhile, remains a step back but could in the future add more problems to the group.


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