Google warns publishers: If you taxed we will delete

google vs publisherGoogle is on the warpath against the tax on digital content. If France were to approve the offering American giant could eliminate its tested by the search engine and Google News.


Google threatens to eliminate the French media from its search engine and news service, if the Government were to approve the fee online Hollande desired by publishers.
The standoff began, but fortunately the Digital Economy Minister Fleur Pellerin began to throw water on the fire. "What interests me is to start a constructive debate," he reiterated. "I am in favor of a peaceful dialogue to find the right way to come to an agreement publishers and Google find a compromise and also for the use of the financial content of the heads."
The question is simple: the editors of the major French newspapers would be paid for the indexing of their articles in the search engines and services such as Google News. In truth, the so-called "Lex Google" like in Germany (Axel Springer and Bertelsmann) and is therefore not a coincidence that Mountain View is rising fever. The official letter posted on the blog of the company is guncotton. In fact, points the finger at France if they are taxed for the items on the engine, eliminating the offer will act accordingly. And this, as they know the well-informed, it would mean about 4 billion fewer mouse clicks on the heads biscuits.
The CEO of Echos, Francis Morel, knows that Google has in France a monopoly of online search with 93.5% available but has at least one ace in the hole. "You have to know that Google is one of the biggest advertising companies in France, but does not claim that 41 million euro turnover in this country," he said. "It is unacceptable that Google uses our articles for free in order to penetrate the French market of advertising without providing any compensation for content creators."
In short, holding forth the issue of the free use of someone else's. No coincidence that President John Pitruzzella Authority is convinced that the search engines like Google constitute "a necessary step for the distribution of web content" and that is likely to become a monopoly in the market. The problem is that without the engine visibility online journals are meant to anonymity or the collapse of visits - as happened, for example some heads News Corp. Without legs in the air and the audience are free newspapers with advertising those with premium content for a fee.
What to do? The only solution is to compromise with Google. Otherwise, the U.S. giant could afford to greet the rebels and turn our gaze to the pure digital publishers who do not want "anything." The only people who have never asked for public funds to the State, money to its readers and who knows what will be the fate of those who think still analog.


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