Google Website Optimizer is retiring

seoGoogle has decided to end the life cycle of Website Optimizer, the advice from the developers is therefore to use in its place Google Analytics Content Experiments for testing optimization on their Web pages and Web applications.
Integrating Analytics in experiments on content would be motivated by the need to provide users with a centralized work environment, it will be possible to test design, templates, and any other resource that you wish to increase the effectiveness in terms of traffic and revenue potentially produced.
Content Experiments will allow for multiple versions of the same page by associating different URL and submit them to different users being able to define the proportion of visitors who will participate on a test, and the results of the experiments can be measured by Google Analytics in order to simplify and clarification of the process of choice.
Those who still manage Web pages in which have been inserted references to Google Website Optimizer will remove them, a warning that is especially true for those who still use the system to redirect the contents of the service is no longer available.
In this regard, it will be necessary to identify an instance by converting it to the main page and then set the redirect to it from other variants to allow access to the most effective content to those who have stored them in a Bookmark.


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