How much Google earns daily with advertising

WordStream, a U.S. company, has recently published a series of very interesting statistics about Google: profits generated by AdWords and numbers that are used to manage those in Mountain View.
Data on data, all collected in a infographics and a detailed list



How much advertising revenue Google generates every day?
Approximately $ 100 million, through research and AdWords in general.
What were the revenues of Google in Q3 of this year?
Were $ 10.8 billion. And it must be said that data were lower than the expected analysis.
How many impressions / day totalizes Google through the pages of search?
According to WordStream, are exceeded 5.6 billion per day.
And how many a day through the Google Display Network?
Here we are at 24.3 billion impressions per day.
What is the CPC on Google Display Network (based on viewing statistics)?
The CPC for ads on Google search is equal to $ 0.35 in Q3 2012. 18.2% less than in Q2.
How many clicks Google receives each day through the search?
He estimated 193.2 million clicks per day in Q3 2012.
How many clicks, however, every day using the Display Network?
Reached 44.7 million clicks a day, always in Q3 of 2012.
What is the number of daily conversions for ads on the Google search?
According to research, the average number of conversions per day for announcements of Google search in the 3rd quarter of 2012 was € 10.9 million.
What is the number of conversions for daily ads in the Google Display Network?
In this case, however, we are at 2.1 million.
What are the sectors that have spent more nell'ADV Google in Q3 2012?
  • finance
  • travel
  • shopping
  • Employment and Education
  • Internet and telecommunications
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Commerce & Industry
  • Home and Garden
  • Autos & Vehicles
  • Beauty & Fitness
In the WordStreas post can find also specific data on individual sectors and companies that invest in advertising to Google.




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