Invalidate the Apple patent on scrolling "elastic" data lists

Not always come out the donuts with the hole and the well-known patent war unleashed by the Cupertino seems to have turned against him as a powerful boomerang.
You know when in iOS you scroll through a list of documents to the end and then bounce this to visually indicate the exhaustion of the items on the list? The same effect Samsung has spent a lot 'in early versions of Android installed in its older terminals - such as the Galaxy S. Apple has filed suit against Samsung because "real" that he used the same effect in Android, claiming to be in possession of the patent n.7.469.381 to protect it.
The main consequence was the replacement effect by Samsung with a more anonymous blue halo that overlaps the list when it reaches one of the ends, but the use of that effect of slip was inserted between the bases in support of the judgment which ruled in favor of Apple last summer, recognizing a compensation of 1 billion dollars.
Unfortunately for Apple, however, the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO), the main co-responsible in the emergence of patent trolls and patent wars, for once was right in his duty and has invalidated the patent as not meeting the criteria of originality and innovation. In a nutshell, was detected prior art in an application for registration of international patents registered to AOL (America On Line) and Italian Luigi Lira, dating back five years before Apple obtains patent that was later canceled.
Although the USPTO decision is not yet final, Samsung's lawyers have not lost a minute to notify (in the middle of the night, apparently) the decision of the judge Lucy Koh, editor of the well-known judgment.
If the patent office decision becomes final, this could drastically upset the fate of the entire case, especially now that we are about to discuss in higher degrees of judgment.


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