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latest google+ newsA lot of news last month that involved Google+:

google offers,
and albums.


Pages google+

One of the major limitations to the pages, it was not possible to comment on posts or make +1.
Now this restriction is gone and the pages can interact in any way with everyone, without distinction. At the moment, however, the +1 is not active yet, despite being reported in the official guide its operation.

Google+ on Analytics

The news is important: in the coming weeks will come Analytics for the pages of Google. He does Google know, with this announcement:

in the coming weeks we will be launching tools to give you access to as much data as possible about your Google+ Page and +1 activity: who's interacting with your page and how; your users' demographics, and info about Their social activities like +1 's, shares and comments - all to help you learn how social campaigns affect your bottom line.

Therefore expect this feature in the coming months.

The advantage of having the statistics of pages, it is clear: in terms of monitoring and management of business strategies on Google+.

Google Offers

google offers


Google Offers has arrived on Google+ and has been integrated inside it. This means that you can search and accept an offer from your social networks. With this change are given greater visibility to facilities that offer deals.
Obviously, the update is limited to the United States.

Sharing Google Local reviews

Another small update allows to share reviews of other users on Google+ Local. For owners of the pages of local activities will certainly very good news, which could bring many benefits.

HootSuite supports Albums Google+



An ideal platform to publish to multiple social or to schedule posts. We are talking about HootSuite, which December 31 introduced this innovation: you can upload images, hiding the URL.
This means that by checking the appropriate checkbox, we can upload an image that will be displayed in full size and not as a link, as happened until today.
A small update that makes HootSuite an even better tool.

Google+ and Adwords

adwords and google+


Google AdWords Express allows businesses to promote themselves even without a website, and of course pointing to Google.
With this program, the publisher will not have to do nothing: Google will take care of that will show the ad to the user when it deems appropriate.
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