A look inside the Google data center

data centers of googleThere are very few people who have access to Google's data center and for a very good reason: our top priority is the safety of your data and, for this reason, we do everything to protect them by keeping our facilities under strict surveillance.
Although over the years we have shared many elements of their design and many of the best practices and although we publish the data on the efficiency of our data centers by 2008, only a handful of employees have direct access to the server.
From this point, you can enter our datacenter with a virtual tour. Thanks to Where the Heart of the Internet, our new website enriched with beautiful photographs of Connie Zhou, you can get an overview of unprecedented technology, people and places that keep Google running.
google data center
But there's more: the data center in Lenoir, North Carolina, is also available on Street View! Enter through the front door, up the stairs, turn right at ping-pong and get off the plane and the server. Or, for a stroll outside the building to view our cooling system energy efficient. You can also go on a virtual tour to better understand what you are seeing on Street View and look at some of our equipment in action.
Finally, we invited Steven Levy, WIRED writer and journalist, to speak with those who design our infrastructure and look for the first time how a data center from the inside. Its new report, is an exploration of the history and evolution of our infrastructure, with the first report ever from inside a Google data center.
Fourteen years ago, when Google was just a research project of some students, Larry and Sergey fed their new search engine using a couple of servers and economic pre-combined in a rather creative. Since then we have a little 'grown and we hope that this look at what we have built is to your liking. In the coming days we will share a series of posts on the Google Green Blog to analyze some of the photos in more detail, so if you are interested in the topic, do not miss the upcoming events.



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