Multiple access to Adsense account

adsense accessFinally, even for Google Adsense provides a sharing feature of the account with other users, in a way similar to what you can do in Analytics and Adwords, to allow third parties the management and optimization of ads to be included on their websites .
Until now, the only way was to share login credentials, with the risk of allowing the person in charge of authentication other services Google Account, you can now add users and assign a role (Standard or Administrator).
From the "Account Settings -> Access and authorization" will be able to invite others already signed up for Adsense. The only difference in the roles Administrator is the ability to create / manage other profiles.


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Penalization of domains with exact keywords

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You may come to an end the possibility of finishing in the SERPs so "easy" using a keyword as exact domain of a website. In a recent tweet, Matt Cutts reported the introduction (not yet in worldwide) is a minor update to the algorithms of Google, not related to Panda or Penguin, which should reduce this "beneficial effect".
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Google refer the presentation of the Nexus 10 due to a hurricane

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