New Google algorithm that see objects in the videos and pictures

google youtubeGoogle gets eyes.
It's called Automatic Large Scale Video Object Recognition (Automatic large-scale video objects) the new algorithm already patented by Google that would have the incredible ability to read directly in the videos and pictures.

The news gave a further jolt in the field of technological inovazioni as the new algorithm google is prepared to really leave behind the competition. An algorithm with no limits according to some, real eyes to look into the images and video.



Probably someone at the big G has felt the need to learn the web to be autonomous and was now beginning to automatically read the millions of multimedia content uploaded every day, images and video can be read and searched even though the authors have neglected titles and descriptions . So a google with something extra!
The first platform on which you will test the new algorithm will be just YouTube, the popular video sharing service owned by Google, of course, which will be equipped with video tag (ie labels) for object recognition (eg the presence of an animal or a character). Initially, at least at launch, will be 50,000 keywords that will be incorporated in the system, but the expansion is to be expected from the very first moments that followed the inauguration.

What will change for us users?

For us users to load images and video will not change anything. What will change is for us users to try certain keys and response are also directly in the media. Searches more social oriented and more detailed fact.
What more changes but it is the invasion of privacy that is already worrying the industry associations. The Director of OBBW, Nick Pickles, has publicly stated his concern in mind that an instrument of this kind will simply and exclusively to a complete loss of control of personal data of users, who would ever filed.
We think of the case of a video that is being recognized the place where it is turned because of the presence of a given monument. The author of this video, you can associate additional information (those already available currently are lots of google) until you have a total monitoring (which places he visited, and if you have animals, such as friends attended, such as dress favors. ..).
According to Nick Pickles, a power of this magnitude should not be exercised freely, but only with the consent of the user. The story, however, is just beginning, so we are waiting to see developments: on the one hand, the interests of our users to have search results more and more detailed and interactive, the other ever increasing invasion of our privacy , now reduced to little more than a formality.
And what do you think?


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