The new iPad even more powerful processors with A6X

ipad appleMaybe a little muted given the important appointment with the launch of the iPad Mini, Apple has also introduced un'inatteso upgrade of its tablet PC, it is not a real new release of the New iPad but not the improvements introduced are of little consequence.



The new model retains the design that is just the third generation of the device, but is now equipped with a more powerful processor, a A6X which should offer a performance level twice all'A5X New iPad from the point of view of rendering graph.
The prices remain the same, as well as the size of the Retina display with a diagonal of 9.7 inches, but other than that it should be noted that the new iPad (improved versions) has many features in common with the Mini, from the time battery guaranteed up to 10 hours continuous use.
There is support for LTE or 4G, then do not miss a FaceTime HD camera and the now ubiquitous connector Lightning which was also integrated into the iPhone 5 and the Mini, as well as his "little brother", the New (or perhaps I should say "Brand New") iPad is already booked, the release will come in WiFi only Apple Store on November 2, followed by the Cellular few weeks later.
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