The smartphone which is loaded with Coca Cola!

coca cola load smartphoneThis news does not have much to do with the Android world if not for the fact that what we are about to tell you may one day be taken into account by manufacturers of Android devices. It is, in fact, of mere curiosity but is very interesting from many points of view.
The smartphone that we show was created by Chinese designer Daizhi Zheng, who built the device for Nokia.
The device is able to transform, not only Coca Cola but any sweetened beverage, into energy for the bio battery. Such bio battery is able to produce electrical energy directly from carbohydrate content in beverages, and uses specific enzymes that act as catalysts. Thanks to this particular mechanism, are to generate oxygen and water, which act as a "motor" for the production of energy.
Want to know if this type of battery is valid or not than traditional lithium-ion batteries? The answer is definitely yes! A battery of this kind is able to offer a range of up to 4 times longer than lithium batteries (yes, you read right, 4 times) and also look very health of the environment.
So if the largest manufacturers of mobile devices to decide to adopt the draft of the bio batteries, then all of us would find the egg of Columbus, as they say. Smartphones therefore offer a range of 4 days or 1 week are achievable. The problem lies in understanding by companies how to implement such a battery on their device.
Since groom completely phrase that puts the source at the end of his article, the report even here: that's what you call innovation!



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