Steven Sinofsky does not explain his abandonment of Microsoft

When the news  of Steven Sinofsky's removal from the House of Redmond , former president of the Windows division, have been formulated several hypotheses about the causes of the event; voluntary abandonment or prior dismissal  to avoid promotion to CEO of the group?
Maybe  to put an end to indiscretions circulating, the same Sinofsky would intervene  by providing some partial explanations; it probably would not have occurred if the former Microsoft Hal Berenson had not provided his own interpretation of the story.
In fact, according to the latter, Sinofsky he would done "scorched earth" around him in order to acquire complete control of the divisions Development  and Windows Phone , a possibility that the company would be opposed to force him to surrender.
On his part Sinofsky would be be broadcast a denial denying that he never had any intention to merge the areas mentioned by Berenson; the former executive would not provide any alternative explanation and the mystery about his dismissal would now thicker than ever.


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