Texas Instruments fires and abandons the investment in mobile

Texas Instruments is only the latest victims of a global economic crisis and of a sector such as high-tech that would be undergoing mutations as fast as radical, to certify the state of difficulty of the group there would be a new business plan would provide numerous layoffs.
Should be around 1700 people left at home without a job, this "restructuring" would be the classic strategy for scaling the operating costs; finished layoffs you should get a saving equal to $ 450 million a year.
At the same time, Texas Instruments should considerably reduce its investments for the production of componentry dedicated to smartphome and tablets, the idea would be not to realize of new and continue with the orders already underway.
Among the Dallas company's clients there is for example the Amazon which produces chips for the Kindle Fire HD, but in the future the leaders of the group would have decided to focus their efforts on other sectors such as robotics and production of electronic components for cars.



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