Twitter wants to add his "Like" as Facebook

twitter wants his Like as FAcebookThe button "I like" was definitely one of the secrets of successful Facebook Twitter so - its direct competitor in the field of social networking - have decided to introduce a similar tool in their platform, a button that would take the name of "Star ".


Such functionality would currently being tested and accessible only to a limited group of selected users, it would be graphically represented by a star-shaped button to be used for the reporting of resources.
A closer look, rather than the introduction of a new tool this would therefore be the new concept of a feature that already exists, favorites were then already the subject of an audit carried out this year for rendererli more evident.
Twitter would be maintaining the utmost discretion in this regard, so that, when questioned about it, he would have simply refused to comment. For now, so it would be difficult to predict which period will be introduced this feature.
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