Ubuntu Phone OS officially unveiled in video

ubuntu os for smartphoneUbuntu Phone OS has been officially unveiled thanks to a video posted by a few hours on Youtube.

Discover the features of Ubuntu for smartphones!


Ubuntu Phone OS has been officially unveiled in video. Discover together the new operating system that will be presented at CES 2013.

ubuntu smartphone

Ubuntu for smartphones is a mobile OS based on Android kernel, fully compatible with ARM and x86 platforms. The user interface is totally new, and resumes from certain points of view, that of the desktop version of Ubuntu.

The thing that is interesting, however, is the interaction between the user and the operating system, which occurs mainly through gestures (in the video at the bottom you can see some demonstrations of multitasking and many other features).

In addition there is also an App store owner currently under development. Compatible applications are those written in native code, but are also compatible web applications written in HTML5.

Regarding the official presentation to the public, Ubuntu Phone OS will be unveiled at CES 2013, which will take place from 8 to 11 January in Las Vegas. About the distribution of the first devices, however, we will have to wait for the first months of 2014.


Despite this, the project is really interesting, take a look at the video below:

One of the most interesting aspects of Ubuntu for smartphones, is full compatibility with many Android devices. On the web, in fact, you can find several videos where you can see the operating system run perfectly on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The first devices based on this OS will probably be entry-level smartphone to medium-low zone.

Here is the table with the minimum hardware requirements to install the operating system:

ubuntu requirements

But now let's talk about the user interface and the ability to interact with it. Thanks to a simple Swype from left to right, starting from the left frame of your smartphone, you can show the applications installed on the device, including we find stock Skype, Twitter and Facebook.

The notification bar is very interesting. Making a Swype from top to bottom in correspondence to one of the icons on it, as for example the status of the battery, the search button or another, it is possible to start the application thus displaying the notifications.


Even the lockscreen is great news! On it displays all the notifications. We leave you with a hands-on video of the new operating system:

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