Unruly invents tool to predict when it will be shared

unrulyDetermine the success of a social video before it is launched? Maybe you can.
Unruly is the media company social video advertising that created the Viral Video Chart platform: a convenient observatory of the most popular video and advertising on YouTube that provides in-depth statistics on the number of comments and share on various social networks and allows you to have an insight on the geographic and temporal distribution of the video - very useful tool to perform market research.
On its website yesterday announced that it has developed a tool, based on a proprietary algorithm, capable of determining the potential of sharing of a video advertising: the "Shareability."
The company estimates that Unruly ShareRank ™ will allow advertisers to optimize their marketing strategy, investment planning based on the calculation of social shares that their videos are able to attract.
The algorithm has been determined through the study of different sources:
  • the amount of data collected by Unruly in 7 years of monitoring of video advertisin
  • academic research on the variables that influence the sharing of content
  • questionnaires to measure public reaction to the video
The tool is presented as one of the greatest innovations in the field of video marketing and you can find in this link the full presentation of the service reserved for clients of the social video advertising.

The uniqueness of this tool is to debunk the myth of virality. In fact, with this tool Unruly intends to communicate the ability to calculate in a scientific manner the factors that contribute to the success of a campaign video - be they psychological, social or content - saying that the success of a video is predictable and repeatable.

It will be interesting to see in the coming months, the developments of the campaigns based on the suggestions of Unruly ShareRank ™.
Do you think it will work?
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