What is Search as your type by Google

google search as you typeGoogle recently announced that he had made ​​available "As Search Your Type", via official blog.

It is a marketing tool reserved for advertisers, which aims to help them to increase their conversions. "Search As Your Type" is one of the features of Google Commerce Search, that Big G ​​has decided to make available to those who work with e-commerce.
This video will explain the best the functioning of this news:
This tool introduces within the e-commerce suggestions on products purchased in an instant, as you type in the search box. When you make a search, the box automatically returns some tips, with pictures and price of its products.
"Search As Your Type" can be implemented free in your e-commerce, as well as remain free up to 25 million searches / year. Exceeded the limit, Google will apply the license costs.
it should be noted that Google has presented novelty as a pilot project. For this reason, you must request to be included, by filling out this form.
Do you think the "Search As Your Type" can help you in the future? You'll use it?


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