Yahoo! "steals" another manager to Google

yahoo vs googleIn addition to Marissa Mayer, who became CEO of Yahoo! group after having been part of the top of Google, now the group of Sunnyvale can boast the presence in its ranks of another manager from Mountain View: This is Henrique De Castro, now Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo!.
By the time the entry of Castro was greeted with the traditional exchange of compliments, so Mayer welcomed the new COO highlighting the excellent work he has done on Google, even though he failed to declare enthusiastic for the beginning of a new adventure.
In fact, because of the inevitable contractual clauses related to the succession, Castro will not make its official entry in Sunnyvale before the start of next year, the manager can then occupy the chair of Chief Operating Officer in 22 January 2013
Castro should receive an annual fee from Yahoo! equal to $ 600,000, this could then be added in an amount of productivity bonus that could rise to 90% of base pay; joined Google in 2006, utime role he played in Mountain View was the vice president of the partnership division.



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