How to develop an App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

how to develop an app for iphone, ipad and ipod touchIf you a fan of programming software and if you've been very fascinated by the world of the iPhone app you should try to develop an app of your own to be published on the App Store too.
All you need is a Mac and a good idea to be transformed into application.The rest, with a bit of experience and good will you are able to learn how to develop an app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch much more easier and faster than you can imagine. Want to bet?
If you want to discover how to develop an app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you have firist to link  to this page of Apple website and sign up to IOS Developer Program, as an individual developer. This will allow you to test the app on your iDevice and then to publish your application on the App Store.To be an Apple registered developer, you must pay an annual membership fee of 79€.
Once you sign up to the program of IOS developers, you have to open the Mac App Store and to download Xcode (click here for the direct link ), the software through which you can create app for iOS having available a graphical editor, a code editor and a several pre-designed templates that allow you to become familiar with the development environment. Along with installed Xcode, also the iOS software development kit ( SDK) and the iPhone Simulator, an iPhone emulator that allows you to perform  a test on the first app developed without using a real iPhone.
To develop applications for iOS it requires an Objective-C language, which is quite intuitive for all those who have programming experience in Java and C + +. If you're not among them, you can search on Google for guides to Objective-C (there are plenty ) or refer to Apple's official website where there is a nice introduction to the platform.
The Objective-C is a language focused on objects, this means that during the development process you have to focus your attention on creating objects, and on the comparison and query of  them to receive information. It's all explained in this comprehensive documentation on the Apple website.
As for the user interface, try to draw your application by following the guidelines of simplicity and human interfaces. In short, give a familiar design to your app, trying to make them user-friendly for those who are completely ignorant of technology. To better understand it, try to open the Calculator application on your iPhon: anyone would know to use it . Why ? Simple, because it resembles in every way a real calculator and therefore does not need any introduction or explanation in order to be used.
Once you have finished developing an app, you need to test it in order to identify and fix any bugs. As previously mentioned, you can test the app directly on your computer using the iPhone Simulator but this trials. Afterwards you have to transfer the app on your iPhone and to test it directly on the device to find bugs that  otherwise remain hidden.
To run your app on an iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch real, you need to register your device at iOS Developer Program web site, then you have to create an authentication certificate for signing the app and to create an app ID that identifies your application. The single developer license allows you to test the app on a maximum of 100 devices.
After  the testing phase, when you believe that your application is ready to be downloaded or purchased by the public, you just have to send it to Apple via iTunes Connect and waiting until it is approved by the rsponsible of the App Store . The process usually takes a week or two, so don't worry if you don't get "answers" immediately after sending your app.
That's all you need to know to get closer to the world of app development for iOS. For finsights ,  you can take a look at this page of the Apple website where there is a guide about creation of applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch full of ideas, useful links and references. It is in English but it is quite understandable even by those who don't know the language perfectly.

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