How to discover if someone is spying on us with a mobile phone

spy phoneYou have seen how to create a spy mobile phone in a few steps: it is a very simplified version of spy mobile phones much more advanced that cost thousands of euro and, according to their creators, can help you find non-existent lovers and so forth.

There are also ways to discover if someone is spying on us with a mobile phone.

1. Insert your SIM card in another phone

First, you have to insert your SIM card in another phone from the usual one, giving it in the new mobile phone for some days. If you begin to receive strange SMS can be suspicious. Who spies on you with a mobile phone usually sends text messages containing commands to your mobile phone number to ask questions about SMS, Contacts and Call. The mobile phone spy recognizes these commands, put them in place and hide the SMS command. However, if you put the SIM into a "clean" mobile phone, you can easily read SMS command.

2. Check your phone credit

Response SMS to commands sent from who is spying you, are sent through your mobile phone. For this reason, you have often to control your phone and to occur that you do not lack money. You could charge your mobile phone, pinning the remaining credit and, without making calls or send SMS, check back often if you lack money.

3. Sign up to the website of your mobile operator

If you sign up to the website of your mobile operator, you can view the list of messages and call made ​​and received.

Even if the last three digits of the phone number are obscured, you can still realize if there is something wrong. Some spy mobile phones have an interesting feature: Who wants to spy on you usually calls your mobile phone number, so the mobile phone spy secretly takes the call and makes you feel what you are doing.

Again , you have just to check if in the time indicated on the Internet site of the mobile operator we have received calls or not,  to find out if someone is spying on us.


DO NOT ACCEPT MOBILEPHONES FROM STRANGERS if you want your privacy to be protected.


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