How to save Android battery: Tips, tricks and app to download

save android batteryAre you happy with your new Android smartphone, except for the fact that its battery almost never is able to arrive in the evening? Would you like to earn a few hours of battery life for your phone but you do not know how to do? Maybe I can give you a hand.

Considering that I can do not miracles, if you download the app I'm going to advise you and follow indications that you see below, you should be able to extend the battery life of your smartphone and arrive free from care at the end of the day. Here is how to save Android battery within the limits of the possible.

Tips to Android Battery

If you are looking for solutions on how to save battery Android, you should start discovering what are the apps that keep busy the processor of the phone even when the screen is off. It comes to all those applications that need to synchronize data or check content updates or online news, which are always active in the background and end up consuming a lot of battery.

To find out which app disturb your smartphone (deep sleep, in the jargon), download Wakelock Detector from Google Play Store, charge the phone until at least 90% and wait a couple of hours. At this point, start Wakelock Detector and you will find the list of applications that take up more time for the CPU when the phone is in stand-by mode. If you have no strictly need, delete the app appearing at the top of the list and will feel some useful improvements in battery life.

wakelock detector interface

Another very effective technique by which save battery Android is to limit the use of your Internet connection, either Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (where the battery drain a lot of salt). To achieve this purpose, you can use a couple of applications that help to keep in check the use of the Network on Android. Both are free and require root permissions to work.

The first is called GO Battery Saver and it allows you to disable automatically Wi-Fi and / or 3G when you turn off the screen of your smartphone. The other is DroidWall and, as can be easily guessed from the name, it is a firewall which allows you to choose which apps can access to the network by limiting their operation to Wi-Fi or 3G.

To disable Wi-Fi and 3G automatically when you turn off the screen of your smartphone, launch GO Battery Saver, go to the SMART tab of the application, press the icon of the connection you want to disable (Wi-Fi or mobile data) and set to ON the lever located at the top of the screen. You can also leave to the app the task of automatically optimize battery consumption by Android, just go to the tab MANAGE and pressing the Optimize button.

To use DroidWall, however, start the application and put the check mark next to the type of connection that can use each app (Wi-Fi or 3G) to connect to the Internet. Then press the Menu button on the phone and presses first on the Firewall disabled item and then click Save rules to apply the changes.

droid wall

At this point, you should already be able to save quite a bit of energy and to increase the autonomy of your smartphone ... but there is one more thing you can do: lower the brightness of the screen. Nothing consumes more battery of the phone that keep the display on, therefore lower its brightness helps you save a lot 'on consumption.

To do this, you can go under Settings> Display> Brightness or download our free app Screen Filter, which allows you to lower the brightness of the display by going beyond the expected values ​​by default by Android.

Screen Filter App Android


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