Chat with Windows 8: chat with your Facebook, Google, and Messenger users using Win8 interface

windows 8 chatIn the new Start Menu of Windows 8, this is the live tiles of Chat, chat program, developed and built for the new interface design style Windows 8.


Once you click on the chat, you will get a welcome message from Microsoft, which you can not answer :-) Once logged in, you can connect multiple users to chat with your favorite platforms.

You can connect your FACEBOOK user, clicking on Facebook and friends by connecting to the most popular Social Network, you agree to exchange data between your user and Microsoft that of Facebook.

Once logged in, you can chat directly from windows 8, insert posts, comment on posts of your friends and chat with them.


Once you have connected to facebook, if things go well, you will see your name and your Facebook icon in the upper right, with the green side band, which indicates that you are online and accessible by users facebook.
Similarly you can also add other users as that of Google
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