Create messages that self-destruct with Google Docs

document self destruction with google docsThanks to a new implementation, from now on you can create documents that can self-destruct directly from Google Docs. With this new feature, you can send with a certain security documents containing private information of various kinds, without the risk that the content of the text can be read by unwanted users.
Were already present some applications, such as Burn note and Privnote, through which it was possible to create web pages that can disappear automatically after being viewed for the first time.
Another similar application is Dashlane, through which you can send encrypted notes from the desktop, to be read by the recipient enters 30 minutes before they disappear forever.
With Google Docs, you can now, within a few minutes, turn a normal document in a file that can self-destruct.
By clicking here, you can create a copy of the document in their account. As soon as the file is created, you can type the text in the spreadsheet generated Docs, and then share the document with the button share with the person concerned. When the recipient opens the message, will have 10 seconds to read the taut inside it before it is automatically deleted.
The operation of this system is based on the triggers listed at the end of the article. The trigger associated with the document Docs is activated as soon as the file is opened by the recipient, and waits 10 seconds (dictated by function Utilities.sleep) and then executes the command clear () to delete all the text cells.
function onOpen() {

var time = 10; // Wait Time (in seconds)

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
ss.toast("This message will disappear after " + time + " seconds");

ss.toast("We are now sending this private note to the shredder");

ss.getActiveSheet().getRange(1, 1, ss.getLastRow(), ss.getLastColumn()).clear();



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