How to Send and Upload Files to Dropbox via Email

send to droboxAt the end of this guide, we estimate that it is possible further increase the ease of access to Dropbox, in other words how we can make it even more immediate operation upload one or more files to your shared folder, even having available only a system without Dropbox. application.


Up to this point in fact, in almost all cases examined, the keystone of the application was represented precisely by an upload, which occurred just copying the files in the shared folder available locally on your computer.

But we imagine if instead of wanting to work even with computers that may not have a Dropbox account, you will need to find alternative solutions. In this case, we can not in fact copy files within the Dropbox folder associated with an account that does not exist on the local computer. In this lesson we will understand, however, as there is still the opportunity to serve up a free service available on the internet to send files to our Dropbox folder online even in this situation, making use of a simple e-mail.

With this precaution, we will expand further the scope of Dropbox, being able to enable many opportunities, some of which we have described in this guide, also being able to use a simple e-mail box as a starting point. There are many online services that allow this kind of integration: one of the most known and efficient is Send to Dropbox (

send to dropbox
The operation of both services is very similar, perform a upload one or more files on your Dropbox folder shared on-line is equivalent, once the setup, to attach those files to an email sent by the box thus created.
This little trick concludes the brief overview about the possible integration of a versatile application such as Dropbox, whose user base is growing, even among the less experienced. Browsing the net is certainly possible to further upgrade their own knowledge on the subject, since users most brilliant are always looking for new ways to use Dropbox. In particular, we report the official blog, the real point of reference for latest news and updates.
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