How to create a Recovery Disk in Windows 8, to repair damaged installation


win 8 repair diskFor Windows 8 operating systems, it is very important to create a recovery disk to then use it in case of problems when you start your computer, or even just to carry out a reset to factory settings.
Here's how to create your own unique rescue disk.


Open the charm bar, pressing together the windows key + c, then click on the lens of research,
Select "settings" before performing the search and then, in the search field, write disk recovery
At this point click on "Create a recovery drive" as in the image below:
create restore unit windows 8
At this point, if you have a usb unit as an external drive or a USB key, you will start creating recovery disk,
ATTENTION, disk creation will erase everything from the usb, or if you have not entered any usb device, you can click on create system restore disc with a CD or a DVD.
If you've done everything right, you will see this screen that informs you that thanks to this disc you can access at boot options to repair your Windows 8 installation.
create a system repair disc for windows 8


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