Unlock Pdf: How to unprotect pdf file directly online

What we present today is a very useful tool to unlock protected pdf documents online.

There are two types of protection that can be inserted on the pdf file: the most complete and definitive blocking the entire document since its opening for which a password is required, and a part that protects only certain aspects. In the latter case the document is accessible, but are locked features for printing and other for editing the document.

To unprotect a pdf file directly online then will use this handy and free tool: http://freemypdf.com/

You can use this service completely free of charge and for an unlimited number of times. Click on Choose File to upload the document in pdf format, and then click "Do it" and you're done. In the destination folder will download the pdf file already loaded unprotected. All in less than a minute!

This procedure is also shown in detail in this video:



Offline Utility: 

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