5 Tips to improve a post on your blog

seo improve your post on blogWrite on the web, does not mean only giving space to fingers and ideas. "Content is King" - even in 2013 - and I completely agree. But in between, there are all sorts of attention can make a difference.

I wanted to collect them all together. So, I've start to watch (and write) all activities that characterize the writing of the post. I have identified 5 them. I want to share with you: here is what I am careful - technical and otherwise - before publishing my every individual article online.



1. images

As time went on, I tend increasingly to convince me that images are able to make a difference. Is the first element that the user sees and the first appearance he receiving of your item.

What are the decisive aspects of the images?

That they are beautiful, well kept...

I'm learning to not be afraid of losing a second longer to create an image, specifically. In searching for a picture well done, that makes the most of the concept expressed in the article.
So: images cured, not general. Studied, not always equal. Maybe made ​​from scratch if needed.
How much "weigh" your photos?
Very often, especially if you tend to use high-resolution photos, made by you or not, you will find yourself having to deal with the 'problem' of weight.
It is essential think about all categories of users: to those who not have a Internet connection 'adequate', who read the post from mobile devices and so on.
You can not afford to block the player, due to the excessive weight of the images. For this, the advice is to keep you under 60 KB (we are talking about, however, images of large size).
Practical advice? JPEGmini is a good tool.


url post

One blogger among the SEO, learn to look at these aspects, in order to improve a post.

The URL of the post should not be one that is generated from your cms.
Edit it by hand, you take away a few moments. Bring it to 3-4 'blocks', which are able to summarize key aspects of the article.

3. Article's Tag

blog tags


One tip is this, that makes a difference in the long run in your blog.
Makes no sense to devise new and strange tag for each variant of article you are going to write. Better identify some well-defined and able to 'mark' the types of your post carefully.
If, as in our case, the tags are also connected to the "Related Articles", even more attention: be careful in choosing to have a selection of "Related" relevant.

4. Link

link building


The sources of your information, your inspirations, must have absolute priority in your post.
Not hide: common tendency is to talk about a subject already covered on other blogs, without ever mentioning them as pages of study or inspiration. In fact, share and 'summon' is the ideal policy to generate debate, to attract attention, to focus attention on your resource. And to be corrected, in any case.
Therefore, the fourth rule is: Space Who gave the idea. Forever.


Aspects purely seo that still deserve attention are:

  • Page Title: Put a catchy title that contains the key only once our interest it
  • Metatag Description: The meta description is irrelevant for placement on google but it is a good idea to use a good description, not too long but concise, leading directly to the essence of the matter. In this way the utility is to increase the chances of clicks by the user for a given query.

These are my habits, before posting. These are my recommendations.

And you which aspects cared better before publishing an article?



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