Best Tools to Discover and Monitor Keywords for your business

keywords toolsWhat follows is a selection of the best ways to find out what are the key words used by people when they try, for example, your business or your products / services.

A few days ago while I was looking for some keywords tools that could help in the selection and management of the keywords for a website I came across this interesting article that reported a range of tools that could be useful for this purpose myself. 


Google AdWords Keyword Tool

google adwords tool


Surely we all used for the selection of keywords on which puntuare and trust for the success of a website! Simple and effective but above all .... Free! To verify the monthly search queries for a keyword, the degree of competition around it, as well as this provides a convenient "suggest" to similar keywords with analysis of. The instrument is connected with Google Adwords but it applies just as well to an analysis of the organic positioning.

Keyword Spy

keyword spy


Great way to track the spending of your competitors in AdWords, which also applies to Italy to discover as they invest on a particular keyword Pay per Click campaigns and how much are pushing to position in organic search. The tool is free of charge (parteire packages from $ 89.96 per month), but is given a month's trial by subscription.


Another great tool that works in our local language (selectable from the drop-down menu) that allows you to check the effectiveness of your keywords on your website, the traffic they are generating and many other things are offered the possibility to import lists of keywords and connect to Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools. Segnalo also the possibility of 30-day trial without having to provide data with the credit card, are also proposed various plans monthly subscription.


serpiqI was pleasantly surprised by this tool for the analysis of competitors, in a few clicks by entering the desired keyword will get practically everything to the strategies of our competitors, the number of backlinks, the pagerank of the pages, the age of the domain and the level optimization onpage! Beautiful the final report that will give you a scale of difficulty to "beat" a certain competitor! Allowed free subscription for one month, then plans are available as low as $ 29 per month. Amazing!

Keyword Eye

keyword eyeGreat for those who prefer a more graphical display of the report, for each query suggests a series of keywords related to bet on and displays them in a classic tag cloud or in a pie chart. It also works with Italian as in the research phase, you can select from the drop-down Google IT, several reporting options available and can take advantage of one month free trial.

Keyword Competitor

keyword competitorAnother handy tool to monitor competitors, what they are investing in a keyword campaigns with Pay per click campaigns and how much organic, ability to export reports to PDF and CSV, of course compatible with the Italian language is offered after a day trial at a price of $ 29 per month.

SEOmoz Keyword Difficulty Tool

seomoz toolWho does not know SEOmoz? Well if you already have a subscription PRO Portete use this tool (free version is allowed a limited number of access to the service and is often found with the inevitable message queue to try later). Difficulty with the tools you will be able to understand the difficulty to climb the rankings of google for a particular keyword and how much are the fiercest competitors around it, very useful! Unfortunately I have not been able to test it, I have always found the queue!

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