Disavow Links: How to use the Google tool to ignore backlink

google webmaster toolsHere is the last function inserted in webmaster tools: a new tool that will ask Google to ignore (disavow) the backlink you think of low quality, but above all can be so regarded by Google, thus eroding the quality and positioning of the your site.

Backlinks are in fact the major signals that Google uses to evaluate the quality and interest to users of a site and to determine the PageRank (along with about 200 other factors), are also the main tool for optimizing off-site improvement the positioning of a site. Google also has the objective of combating linkspamming, both with updates of the algorithm is in manual mode.


It may happen that a site is involved in a mechanism of this kind, in which case you'll get a message on your Webmaster Tools account, indicating the detection of a system of unnatural links (paid links, link exchange, link schemes ...) . If you receive a message that you try to eliminate as much as possible backlinks are considered spammosi. This is certainly a best practice, because it protects the image (and placement) of your site. But there is the possibility that not all of these links can be set aside and that is where we introduce the new tool Disavow Links. Warning! In its use Google gives this advice:

"This is an advanced feature and should be used with caution. If used incorrectly, this function can potentially damage the performance of your website in search results of Google. It is recommended to use disavow only if you believe you have a considerable number spammy links, link artificial or low-quality links pointing to your site, and only if you are sure that the connections are causing problems for your site. "

To use it you have access to Webmaster Tools and then go to this link. You have to choose the site for which you want to apply the disavow. You will then be asked to upload a text file with the following structure:


In the file the lines are prefaced by the comment, which are then taken into account by Google. Domain: Specifies the domain of the site from which you want to remove the backlink. If you want to remove only specific pages indicating the URL. It is currently being supported only one file to disavow the site and should be uploaded via Webmaster Tools. If you want to make changes you need to download the old file and then load a new modified, the maximum possible size is 2Mb.
Here are some Q & A concerning the instrument disavow links:
This tool is necessary for most of the sites?
No, in most cases it is not necessary. If there is uncertainty about the need to use or not in disavow is the case of not using it at all.
If you put a link to disavow what's happening? Google ignores it for sure?
The instrument used to care treacherous to Google what are the links that you want to deny and Google usually ignores such links. It is a strong suggestion rather than a genuine directive, such as the rel = "canonical".
How long will it ignored the backlinks reported?
To ignore them you need a new scan and re-index the URL you "put disavow", it can take weeks.
Can I use this tool if you are worried about the bad positioning?
This tool is used to correct errors related to poor optimization or errors in link building. If you know that these are the problems of your site you can use disavow links, but not without having first tried to eliminate bad backlinks manually, or by request to the sites in question.
I did not create most of the links I see, I still have to clean?
Google usually gives appropriate weight to each backlink, disavow the use of the links recommended if you receive a message from webmaster tools or if you have created a network of links that do not follow the quality guidelines provided by Google.
I put it in your some quality backlinks, how can I fix the error?
To correct simply download the file and upload a new corrected. Its implementation can take a few weeks.
Should I create a file in a preventive measure? Although I have not received messages?
If your site has been Penguin 's up to the reason might be spam or low quality backlinks, in this case must be analyzed back the site and use disavow only on link schemes that go against the guidelines.
If I add the file I still need to file a reconsideration request?
Yes, if you have received notice of a manual penalty. The purpose of this tool is to communicate Google link which must be ignored. If you have received a message on a penalty you must manually via clean as possible before asking directly to the sites they link to your low quality and then loading the file into the instrument. Only after a few weeks you can submit a reconsideration request to Google to allow the team to check if your site is included in the guidelines.
I have to enter both domains of example.com that of example.it, even if they are the same company?
Yes, they must go all domains.
And in the case of example.com and www.example.com?
Technically they are different domains then both should be reported.
And if it is a subdomain type something.example.com?
It is generally regarded as domain itself, so will be ignored soo links from the subdomain and not from the primary domain.


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