Find the link for downloading any program in any site through any search engine

Imagine that when you enter any web site, and you are surprised that when searching for any program in it you can not find it. By this fabulous trick, you can find the link for downloading any program in this site through any search engine.
For example, suppose you want to search for the program "Norton" in the web site ; when you go to and write the following code, you will be surprised that the "Google" search engine searches only in the site To do this:
Write in the address bar of the web browser this address:
When opening the web site; write in the search engine this code: "norton site:", and press the button search
As mentioned earlier: the code is easy, you just write in the place of the word "Norton"; any word you need to search for in the site followed in the code.
The code again is....
By the way, you can practice this code at any search engine.
Another trick is that you can force the search engine of the "Google" web site to search for a certain category like "Linux" topics. When you add any category after the Google link and write any thing in the search engine, you will surprised that the site searched for Linux only. For example, if you wrote the following code:
As I mentioned in the code earlier, the site followed by the word "Linux". So the web site is forced for searching for the Linux topics only all over the internet.


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