How to recover your site from Google penalty and regain your ranking/traffic/sales

google penalty recoveryKingmoney is happy to bring you this guide that includes all instructions on how to recover your site from Google penalty and regain your ranking/traffic/sales.

To be honest, this action is made of simple steps which you need to pass attentively to get results. Follow the instructions below and your site will fly like an eagle in Google rankings!

Disavow backlinks

The first thing you have to do is to find all the spammy links and remove them or disavow them.

Step 1.

Open one of the following services:,,; insert your URL and all your links will be shown immediately.

Step 2.

You need to analyze each link from the list. A good link must meet the following requirements:

  • 1) It has to be from a qualitative, non-spammed resource
  • 2) It has to be indexed by Google
  • 3) The resource site of your backlink should not be on Google filters.
  • 4) The backlink must not be from a site with forbidden niche, such as adult/gambling/pharmacy
  • 5) The backlink has to be from a site that respects Google’s TOS

Step 3.

After analyzing each link, you need to take the list of links that do not meet the mentioned requirements and disavow them in Google Webmasters (for details: How to use Disavow Tool).

This is a one-step process. You’ll need to create a file containing the links you want to disavow, and upload it to Google.

Create a text file (the file type must be .txt and it must be encoded in UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII) containing only the links you want to disavow—one link per line. If you want Google to ignore all links from an entire domain (like, add the line "". Your text file can include additional information about excluded links, as long as each line of description begins with the "#" character (all lines beginning with # will be ignored).

Here's a sample of a valid file:

txt file for disavow link

After creating a “.txt” file that includes unnatural links, you need to upload it to Google Webmaster Tools. Follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to the disavow links tool page.
  • 2. Select your website.
  • 3. Click Disavow links.
  • 4. Click Choose file.

Congratulations! It may take some time for Google to process the information you’ve uploaded

Bad Link Hunting:

Bad backlinks have a negative impact on your rankings. When search engine algorithms like Panda or Penguin check your website, these links appear and you can get penalized for them. It is important to find and remove these backlinks before you get a Google Penalty, but if you already have one - this is the only way to recover and get back your positions.

Deep On-Page SEO

You probably don’t know that the On-Page optimization is one of the most important criteria of good rankings in Google. Moreover, a poor On-Page optimization is one of the most significant reasons to get a Google Penalty.

So, you have deleted the bad links and now it’s time to take care of your own website.

Here are the things you have to analyze:

On-Page SEO plays an important role in your strategy. You can have hundreds of backlinks from trustworthy sites, but if the content on your website has not good ON-Page SEO, you will never get in Google top. Moreover, you can get a Google Penalty if you use spammy on SEO techniques. A full analysis of your website and a good On-Page SEO strategy will help you avoid a penalization.

On-Page SEO is very important before writing a reconsideration request, because only after fixing all Google TOS Violations and errors on website you can get out of penalty.

Reconsideration Request.

The final step in your recovery strategy is writing a correct reconsideration request. After having collected all the reports (list of disavowed links, on-page improvements list, HTML & CSS errors fixing report) you should write to Google recovery team and ask them to have a look at your website, notice the changes and manually return you to previous positions.

Reconsideration request should be written here:


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