Google notification system on Webmaster Tools for black hat seo

google notification for manual penaltiesAs many people have noticed, Matt Cutts has begun to respond to users questions through the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel, which offers all the answers to the most difficult issues of the SEO.

The topic of the video released today is the diversity of notifications in Webmaster Tools that make us cold sweat: spam notifications, unnatural link, buying and selling links, etc..

What are the alerts coming from webmaster tools

Matt Cutts in this area has always been reserved, only in recent months has seen a slight opening of Google in relation to statistics and numbers related to spam. The important facts we already knew about the reports from the WMT are:

  • In 2012, Google sent nearly 5 million worldwide alerts;
  • The average of the reports of 2012 (recorded in February 2012) is 350,000 messages per month all over the world. In 2011 it was 290,000 and in 2009 less than 20,000;
  • During the Search Marketing Expo in 2012, Matt Cutts declared that receive an alert by email WMT mean ALWAYS have suffered a penalty handbook. Many have always wondered if there were algorithmic penalties in such cases and to what extent. Matt Cutts has thus revealed that, following a manual penalization of webspam team there, in 99% of cases, an alert by Webmaster Tools.

The innovations introduced by Matt Cutts.

This is the official video of Matt Cutts:



Matt Cutts reveals that Webmaster Tools notifications are divided in this way:

  • 90% related to black hat and spam
  • 4% do not add value to the notification
  • 3% related to hacking & co
  • 2% on the purchase of link
  • 1% on the sale of links

Now (I think) that the signals / month are more but, according to statements of good Matt, during February 2012 there were 315,000 manual actions against spam / blackhat, 10,500 against hackers, 7000 against link buyers and 3,500 against anyone who sells link.

In practice, to dissect the numbers, in the past year, about 14 sites were manual penalized for hacking every hour. Seem to me a lot ... Certainly, the problem of the punctured sites is huge, but we're talking about manual penalties and not algorithmic: that is a specialist who has analyzed the case and proceeded with the actions of repression.
If we talk about the blackhat and spam, if you really want to cringe, as estimated there would have been more than 70 sites penalized manually per minute, congratulations to the team of Matt! We talk about more than one site penalized manually every second!

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