Seo Criteria: A high Bounce rate NOT affects the positioning of your site

bounce rateFinally one of the many seo myths has been debunked: I'm talking about Bounce Rate as a negative factor in SEO.

In this hangout of John Mueller, thanks to the demand of the Dan Petrovic (and his original post on the subject), we can finally let rest in peace the bounce rate.

Has been finally declared once and for all that:
If people return to search results after visiting your site this is not necessarily a bad sign for your site. The reason why Google is not based on the dwell-time in the algorithm of ranking of the results is due to the fact that some users may for example compare the information of different sites. Return to the SERP and compare "responses" to other sites is not necessarily a bad thing and this does not necessarily mean that the first result clicked provide insufficient information or a bad user experience.
Google recently began using the mechanism of the bounce-back, for example, to improve the user experience and navigation in relation to the authorship it began to offer more content from the same author of the site that we just "bounce-backato" .
If you think about, the fact that this can not be a signal much sense especially today with the rise of the mobile.
Searching for information quickly. We think a scenario where we want to go to eat a pizza in a city that we do not know:
  • consult the SERP
  • we click on the first result
  • evaluate and go back
  • we click the second result
  • evaluate and go back
  • etc etc etc ...

This is just one scenario, but at least in my personal navigation model as a user I find inconsistent the result that I immediately left. I do not think it makes much sense for Google to make a different assessment.

Below is a video dell'Hangout


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