Study and monitoring of the SERP with Advanced Web Ranking

advance serp ranking

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of the Internet to promote their business and more and more evident that the mere creation of a corporate website is not enough: you need to define an online identity of its products and to make sure that they are visible to network users.
We can achieve this greater visibility on search engines using different strategies, the most important are the paid traffic (Pay per Click) and the optimization of web pages (SEO).

Pay Per Click and Organic SEO

Pay per Click advertising on the Internet is perhaps the currently most widespread and perhaps the most simple and fast, allows you to purchase click on the keywords purchased and then take the user through the pages designed ad-hoc calls landing page, which direct the browser to perform certain actions, such as buying a product, filling out a form or visiting pages.
SEO, however, is the set of methods that allow you to bring up your pages in the top positions of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This type of visibility generates what is called organic traffic, namely that traffic that is generated from natural results of the researches and free offered by the search engine.
Of course the best of the conditions is that in which we have a good natural positioning to generate organic traffic, but to achieve this you have to study placement strategies.
Of course, when we talk about "positions in SERP" we refer to the results obtained for certain keys: a page can have a good position for a key and bad for another.
When we optimize our pages we always keep in mind the keys for which optimize and one of the most important jobs to do will be to keep an eye on the positions by key choices. In addition to this we will see that we can, and should, monitor much more.

Monitor, monitor, monitor

The monitoring phase is definitely an important moment for the professional who takes care of visibility online, because you can see if the changes or operations that is bringing the opportunity to improve or change positions within the search results, the pages of the site being treated.
To perform a precise and constant you can use software designated for this monitoring, the most popular are Advanced Web Ranking, SEO software developed by Caphyon that allows in-depth analysis of a large amount of search keywords.
Explore the potential of this software can help us to improve our task for the investigation, let's look then the main features.
Although a simple and quite usable, allows a complete analysis and discussion of results.
The function surely is the most important and complete analysis of the SERP, which identifies the exact location of the site we are monitoring for keywords that we have entered, indicating also the page that appears to have been placed.
This screening has been especially optimized by scanning feature "Search Engine Friendly", a technology that tries to emulate human behavior as much as possible during the search, this allows to obtain more reliable results by the search engines, other important function is the ability to use multiple proxy in the same process, a feature that allows you to quickly complete the update of the report and at the same time to see the results of the SERP from different ip addresses.
Always talking about the analysis of the results, Advanced Web Ranking allows you to choose from over 2000 search engines, giving you the ability to choose both the localization language for ip geographic pages.
During the scans, the program automatically captures the SERP lot of data, allowing you to have a global view, allowing you to analyze, as well as the positioning of pages in the main site, also the position for the same keywords with the report "Top Sites" , of all the sites that most competitors oversee the search results for those keywords.

Advanced Web Ranking, the main features

Besides the analysis of the current status of the site, Advanced Web Ranking allows a study temporal trends in keywords, allowing both to compare two scans of the SERP performed on different days and by helping to plot the results over time, showing the ' performance of keywords monitored.

Besides scanning of search results for a list of keywords provided, Advanced Web Ranking allows automatic analysis of your site and can be used as a tool to search for keywords and certainly as a tool for the study of the initial study rankings Motors Search.
In addition, direct analysis on the program, you can export reports in many formats, including CSV and Excel, allowing quick and easy import into spreadsheets, but also allows you to set the automatic sending of reports via email and uploading automatically on a ftp space.
One of the key steps, namely the selection of keywords is also supported by the ability to activate Keyword Suggestions, speeding up and improving the choice of search keywords to be monitored.
Turns out to be an extremely important function that allows you to schedule tasks, allowing you to schedule updates reports effettuandoli maybe during the night and cyclicality.
Another factor relevant for the EES and then for the organic positioning is the analysis of link popularity, both as regards that carried that that obtained spontaneously, just to monitor this activity is born Advanced Link Manager, a software that allows you to analyze steadily the link to the site.
Among the functions certainly the most interesting of this program is its ability to study the pages generated by Google Maps results and tracking of reciprocal links, this function allows us to keep up to date with respect to campaigns link bulding that you are making.
Other important factors monitored by Advanced Link Manager have to do with the site ranking of the site and the pages analyzed, including by far the most important Google PageRank and Alexa Rank, enabling you to keep a history of the same.


These two programs can definitely help you to make an accurate and constant over time, allowing them to understand the changes in the positions of the search keys in time and in relationship to the changes and to changes in the algorithms of search engines.
The software can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer's website and entered into with severe restrictions, without charge, while the paid versions are four, namely Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Server, and have a price starts from 67 Euros ($ 99) to 408 euro (599 U.S. dollars).
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