Visibility on search engines: how to defend themselves from EMD Update

emd google updateThis past September 28th Matt Cutts announced an update of the algorithms google that will make life difficult for all sites that have so far achieved visibility on search engines through the keywords included in the domain name, an update that should impact in such a way relevant to 0.6% of the queries, that has nothing to do with the Panda or Penguin, and was immediately baptized EMD Update (where EMD stands for exact-match domain).


In a nutshell, this new algorithmic retouching should penalize domain names into keywords identical to those you use in Serp, and that have been purchased with the sole purpose of their own good position for those specific keywords.

Cutts had already addressed the issue in March 2011, but in that year and a half is not that much success, in fact: many SEOs and webmasters have noticed that in the middle "phase Panda / Penguin 'domains with the keywords positioned it still fine. For several days, however, it seems that things are about to change.

So, how to defend against EMD update?

If for a long time you have an exact-match domain well located, but you are aware that the site has low quality content (and / or inbound links), it's time to roll up their sleeves: I fear that more the domain is "to exact match " with many keywords and dashes with little content (possibly plagiarized here and there) and a few backlinks, the more the risk of being wiped out is high.

Therefore, the advice is obvious: always works with the user in mind, make the pages of the site useful and valuable for those who lands on top, write quality content, make sure to attract links, like, retweet, +1 spontaneous, and if you still need to choose a new domain melee intelligently branded keywords (eg is a well known brand in the international SEO, and include the keyword in the domain SEO + 3 letters do not constitute any relevant key).



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